Friday, November 16, 2012

Cold and Frosty

I have been feeling kind of blah lately and I think my polish really reflects that today. When deciding what to wear yesterday I wasn't even all that excited about changing my polish, this is not normal for me! I usually have a bunch of polishes selected struggling to choose only one!

I ended up picking out a polish that has been sitting on my desk for a while, I won it last year from a blog contest, Revlon Carbonate. I decided to wear it because it seemed like a quick and simple mani. I originally planned on trying out a magnetic but got frustrated half way and started over.

Carbonate has a foily chrome finish and I would describe the colour to be an antiqued silver. Not white white silver, it has a warm undertone to it. The formula was thick, I added some thinner to make application easier. It seemed the longer the cap was off the bottle the more it thickened.

I used two thin coats which I recommend over just one thick coat simply because you get a smoother finish in the end. These types of polishes are very unforgiving to ridges and uneven nail beds. I'm pretty happy with the end result on my nails, reminds me of the weather lately, cold and frosty! I could imagine a matte tope coat on this to be awesome!

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