Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haulin' Jellies

I seem to have been hauling like crazy the last two months. Little bursts here and there during the months of October and November but in the end it is a large grouping of polish. Today I have some more American Apparel polishes, I picked up the newer ones from the sheer collection.

I was showing them to my sister and she asked why would they call them sheer? Who would want to buy sheer polish? Technically they are jellies, but I do think its good that they label them as sheer for those who don't know much about polish finish. It's almost like a warning! One thing I found a bit weird about the packaging is that the bottles are frosted, I have a close up of the bottle below:

When I see a frosted bottle I automatically think matte polish, however I shouldn't complain because I really do like these versions of the AA bottles! I also love how these polishes all look together, they would make a great skittle mani in the summer :)

First up are Moonlight Beach and Redondo Beach.

Moonlight Beach is a medium blue jelly that I also almost didn't even pick up, the reason being a have many deep blue jellies. Since this is more of a medium I figured I should pick it up. It looks to be opaque in two coats on my wheel, but may need three on the nail.

Another blue, Redondo Beach, which is a light powder blue jelly. I think I was most excited about this one, very versatile for layering.

The next two, Pacific Beach and Zuma Beach

Pacific Beach is a bright teal green jelly, I think it may be my favourite colour out of the four that I picked up. My swatches below show only two coats. This one appeared to be the thinnest out of the four, I'd probably need additional coat on the nail. It also wasn't as shiny as the others.

Zuma Beach is a bright yellow-green jelly, very Shrek-like. In the store I was iffy about this one but I am glad I decided to pick it up. It is opaque in two coats on my nail wheel and has a super shiny, squishy finish.

Below are swatches of each polish, two coats each in the sun and shade.

There are two other jellies in the collection that I am aware of, Summerland Beach is a light pink and Manhattan Beach is a medium coral. I was actually really excited about Manhattan Beach when I saw the promo photos online but in person it leaned a lot more pink than coral in my opinion.

Do you have any of these jellies? What so you like to layer with them, I need some ideas!


  1. I just picked these up myself a couple weeks ago at AA at Yorkdale but untried as of yet. Not sure how I'm gonna use them...

    1. I'm trying to think of ideas too! I can see using the lighter blue some time soon for a snow-like glitter sandwich :)

  2. I have the whole collection & lots of nail art with this collection on my blog. I think it just might be my favorite collection of all time! I hope you love them!

  3. Loving the swatches! Definately need to buy the whole collection.


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