Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Woohoo! My first Christmas polish of the season! I picked up China Glaze Tinsel Town last year, I remember it clearly because I had gone with a friend to CosmoProf and hauled all the new Christmas collection polish, it's so much cheaper there, I wish I had a beauty license sometimes!

I think I put off wearing this polish during the holidays last year because it's not your typical Christmas polish. It is however very unique and awesome!!

Tinsel Town has a light blue-grey base and is jam packed with regular sized glitter and medium hex glitter. The glitter reflects light in a way that really makes it glow from within. It also shines a deep grey around the edges of the nail that really adds a lot of depth. I layered one coat over my previous mani of Revlon Carbonate, this may have helped to add depth as well.

The glitter lays perfectly flat against the nail bed and is a tiny bit rough on it's own, however one layer of top coat evens everything out. I thought I had missed polishing a nail with the glitter, it was so smooth to the touch. I'm thinking this must be due to the fact that it is not a straight up glitter and that it does have the thinnest base of grey. Most glitters require multiple layers of top coat to smoothen out the roughness. The dry time on it's own without a top coat was super fast.

I really don't want to take this one off anytime soon, this would be a great neutral glitter for holiday get togethers, especially New Years!

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  1. Every since the OPI Burlesque collection in 2010, I think I have kind of felt OK about breaking the holiday only polish mode during holiday time. That said, I have a few polishes that ONLY look holiday to me and I don't feel OK about wearing them outside of that time - most are not my fav finishes so does not matter if holiday comes and goes and I don't wear them. But who would have thought 5 yrs ago I would rock a great dark fuchsia glassfleck like You Only Live Twice from the OPI Skyfall collection! But I am not all that into wearing all Christmas seasonal things chronically soon as Thanksgiving is over. I am the one who does not get the tree up until 2 weeks before and I have all the decorations away if not the day after, soon like in 2 days after. I had a time when I was getting 'em out at Thanksgiving ready to do the house up that weekend. I wore all those goofy holiday sweaters and vests in the 80's. Not anymore. I don't own one holiday sweater or vest now and I have not worn much of even traditional holiday colored clothing even during the season or even on the big day(s). I kind of got into burgundy over holiday red for clothing and decor for a time. Now not unusual for me to lean to my winter whites and some gray or taupe depending on the weather and what I have lined up. I am alone now with no family so I kind of gave up a lot of the rules when it comes to holiday and have a what ever I feel like thing so as not to end up sad that I cannot recreate what is of the past...I hold all the great memories and ya got me laughing over thinking of all the goofy Christmas theme sweaters I had and I had to rush to try and wear them all during the season.


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