Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aurora Borealis

Today I have another Zoya polish on my nails, it is from on of my latest hauls which I will post about soon. When I first saw the swatches for Zoya's winter collection, which this polish was apart of, I really liked Aurora but didn't really know what to expect. When I saw swatches in person at a local Trade Secrets I was wowed. Lots of glittery photos ahead!

 photo IMGP6030_zpsd0cf488a.jpg 

 photo IMGP6029_zps34bcbabf.jpg 

Aurora is a deep plum jelly that I find is way more pigmented and saturated with colour than the designer jellies they released late last year. It also is heavily sprinkled with flecks of holographic shimmer? Glitter? I don't know sat to call it but it sure is pretty.

 photo IMGP6026_zps2de700fa.jpg

 photo IMGP6027_zps4db0fef3.jpg

I used two layers in the photos below. Since the base is a jelly, the glitter adds depth beneath each layer that my boyfriend even commented on! He also loved it by the way. In indoor, direct lighting and sunlight the glitter sparkles strongly and gives off a somewhat scattered linear holo effect. It is so beautiful!! In indirect lighting and overcast settings the glitter appears to be silver yet it still seems to glow, in this lighting you can also see the true shape of the holographic particles. The layers also make it appear as though they are frozen within the polish, super cool!

 photo IMGP6033_zpsac7d3095.jpg

I wish Zoya had a whole collection with this finish, three colours are not enough!! I would LOVE to see a blue and green version :) So many possibilities!


  1. A blue and green and purple gradient!! Now you're taking aurora borealis! :)

  2. Oh it's beautiful! Thanks for showing it off! I have to say I was a bit surprised it was purple. There is a little pink in northern lights I suppose, but I think of emerald green for sure.


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