Thursday, February 14, 2013

Spotted!! For All My Canadian Readers - Polish at Dollarama!

First off Happy Valentines. I fingured out some nail art to do last night but have just been so busy lately that I just did not have the time to post it up. I will have to get it up tomorrow untill then check out this post for some spotted polish, maybe a last minute gift for your valentine? ;)

So I was in Dollarama the other day and I wandered in to their beauty section and came across some stuff I have never seen before, have a look at the photo below.

 photo IMG_0189_zps42cc9e0c.jpg

I only had my iPhone on me so the photos aren't amazing, but I did get some closeups! Check out these Diamond Strength Sally Hansens. At first I didn't even really remember this line having such bright shades, these colours are actually apart of the limited edition line released around September of last year, so they are fairly new and LE! These all look to be flecky, foily duochromes, however I think this location was missing one or two shades from the full collection.

I also noticed a few bottles of the Complete Salon polishes of well, one looked to be a sheer/pearly white that I cannot recall the name of and the other that you probably cannot see in this photo since it was all the way in the back is Oxblood. Both lines were selling for $2 each.

 photo IMG_0190_zps70ea9709.jpg

Next I found some of those double ended Revlon polish "wands"? Lol I really don't really know what to call these things. I think the idea is cool but not for the retail price point they usually sell at. As you can see these are priced at $3 each, they looked mostly to be crackle/base duos, however I did spot a few of the neon/base duos as well.

 photo IMG_0191_zps3a9de46f.jpg

Last but not least just a random polish brand I thought I would include, Colour Shock. there was an assortment of colours including glitters and neons. These were selling for $1 each.

 photo IMG_0192_zps6dd0ed37.jpg

Have you seen these in your local dollaramas? Any other brands/collections of polish?


  1. Woah, thanks! I'm going to have to check out the beauty section of Dollarama soon. :) I didn't know that Dollarama carried these!

  2. Uh ooooooh. Looks like I'm going on the prowl in my local Dollaramas!

  3. Ohh this is why I love the dollarama! I am always going in to check out what new polishes they have in stock. Those ones that sell for 1$ are actually pretty decent, my dollarama has
    box sets of these. Love it!! Thanks for the pics

  4. I just bought 4 OPI polishes (real opi, not the Nicole kind) for 3 dollars apiece. Almost died of joy

    1. Awesome! Did you find these at Dollarama? I gotta check mine out!

  5. I just bought 4 OPI polishes (real opi, not the Nicole kind) for 3 dollars apiece. Almost died of joy

  6. I used Dollarama nail polish and after removing it I noticed my nails were a dark yellow. This happened months ago and my nails are still permanently yellow to this day. Clearly there is something wrong with this nail polish and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    1. Oh no! that's not good. Which brand did you purchase?


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