Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fancy Pants

Another Spring China Glaze shade to share today from the Avant Garden collection. Fancy Pants is a very interesting shade, in the bottle it appears to be a deep indigo with a flash of magenta shimmer. On the nail I feel that the shimmer actually makes the polish look more of a deep purple.

 photo IMGP6315_zps23dd5a31.jpg

 photo IMGP6325_zpsf9e27ac9.jpg

At first glance the shimmer is not really noticeable, but on a sunny day it shines. Looking a little more closely I noticed that the shimmer is actually made up of tiny irregularly shaped flakies!

 photo IMGP6323_zpsb22e304b.jpg

 photo IMGP6322_zpsc8ce84a2.jpg

I used two coats to achieve full opacity and the formula was pretty easy to work with as long as you use quick, long strokes with a decent amount f polish on the brush. If you go over the same spot twice to try and even out a spot on your first layer you may end up with some balding. The first coat was a little streaky, but the second coat evened everything out well. I was disappointed with the finish of this polish, I'm not sure exactly how it dries because I add top coat right away, but even with Seche Vite once dry it isn't as glossy as it should be. It is visible in my photos, it has a shine, bit not too glossy.

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  1. I was not going to get any from this collection - they all looked dupable. Butt when I popped into a Sally's last weekend I caved-the pink shimmer in this one is really pretty. Am thinking I will beef up that shimmer by adding a pink really sheer Revlon from a summer 2011 line where most were named something...fizz.


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