Friday, April 19, 2013

Galactic Grey - Photo Heavy!

My first Hologlam mani! I was so excited when I first picked them up I just new my next mani would have to be one of them. It was a tough decision to choose but I ended up going with Galactic Grey. The weather has been up and down here and right now it is FREEZING! So I figured I should use the most unspring-like colour. The sun is shining most days so I can still see the holo awesomeness!

 photo IMGP6294_zpsbe1fce23.jpg

 photo IMGP6298_zps64a4c654.jpg

 photo IMGP6300_zps03bc5fac.jpg

In my previous Hologlam haul post I mentioned that the formula had improved, however I was referring to application on my swatching wheel. Although thicker, I still experienced typical holo application when applying to my natural nails. After two nails I couldn't take it anymore!! I applied Nfu-Oh Aqua base and application was a breeze! Since the formula was thick and pigmented I could have gotten away with just one coat, however, seeing as how I wasn't adding a top coat I applied a second coat for protection and to smooth out any imperfections. I would highly suggest purchasing a Holo base like Nfu-oh's Aqua base, I know there are other options out there but don't know them off the top of my head. Not only does it help with overall application but it also acts as a ridge filler which I also highly recommend if you don't have a holo base coat.

 photo IMGP6296_zps15bb9ee8.jpg

Photos below are all taken in natural sunlight

 photo IMGP6308_zps7c7ff468.jpg

 photo IMGP6309_zps4c6107f3.jpg

I just love this polish! The colour is an interesting choice for spring/summer buy I can appreciate it, it reminds me of OPI's My Private Jet. It is grey for sure but has brown undertones which doesn't make it so stark, very unique in my collection which is awesome cause. Had originally thought it would have been closer to Layla Flash Black which I already own. The photos you see are exactly what was captured, the only editing I did was to add my watermark and crop to size. The holo was hard to capture from my desk lamp alone but my camera flash helped with that! In low light the holo effect is weak, but even in the worst lighting I can see a slight flash, like a subtle oil slick on my nails. I actually prefer this type of prismatic effect to the Color Club Holo Hues.

 photo IMGP6311_zps9ed12c63.jpg

 photo IMGP6313_zps9ae5edb1.jpg

 photo IMGP6314_zps78a5a4fa.jpg

Next time I grab this polish I will likely thin out the bottle, the longer you let it stand while applying to the nails the thicker it seems to get which can make for an uneven finish. Luckily, the finished look was perfect :)

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