Monday, April 22, 2013

New Shoes!!

On a totally non-polish related note I got new running shoes!! Spring cannot arrive fast enough for me so I can get out and start running again. The last few Warner days we had I was out there running my butt off! Unfortunately it actually snowed this pat Thursday, isn't that ridiculous! Anyways, Astro Zero yogurt had a giveaway running from February to the end of March this year for a free pair of shoes. All you had to do to score yourself a pair of free runners (or walking shoes) was collect 6 codes off participating packages of their Zero branded yogurt, mail in $4 for shipping and wait 4-6 weeks for delivery. Sweet deal :)

I actually almost purchased these last summer I loved them so much, but I'm glad I waited! These retail for $90 so I got myself a good deal for some comfy new runners, Woohoo!

 photo IMGP6348_zps8108b8e3.jpg

I picked out the blue and yellow mens shoe, they did not have this particular colour option available for women durring the promo, although they do sell this colour in womens sizes on their site. I was worried about sizing since I have not owned a pair of sketchers in a while and I was picking out a mens pair! I went for the smallest size they offered, 6.5, and I think they fit pretty well, it anything they may be half a size to a quarter too long, but that can easily be fixed. I tested them out while doing a short indoor workout and they had awesome grip!

To all my Canadian readers: did you participate in this promotion? Which shoes did you pick out?


  1. Cool shoes. How's the weather up there? It's going to be 80 tomorrow in Chicago. I will be walking on the lakefront tomorrow.

    1. Thanks, i love them but I need to break them in a bit, for mens shoes they sure are narrow! The weather here has been beautiful the last few days in the early 20's! the sun is hot!


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