Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Wow, the first of May, this year has been flying by. The weather here is finally starting to catch up to the season and I have a nice springy shade to celebrate! I finally picked up this China Glaze pastel orange creme, Peachy Keen, after years of much thought. When the Up and Away collection came out it was on my list to purchase, but I was unsure after seeing many swatches online against different skin tones. I wasn't sure if it would suit my light skin tone. I picked it up in this haul here just over a year ago.

 photo IMGP6409_zpsafd11516.jpg

At first swatch I loved it but had it in my head that it would really pop with a tan, I would hold off wearing it until the summertime ... Well then I just forgot about it, so here is is today!

 photo IMGP6411_zps8db8f6dd.jpg

Peachy Keen is a peachy orange pastel creme that is opaque in 2-3 coats. I used three on my left hand and two on my right, weird, I know, but the left hand seemed to be a tad streaky so I evened it out with a final thin coat. Although this is a pastel shade I still feel that is is quite bold and bright, a great pedi colour for summer for sure ;)

 photo IMGP6416_zps6640cd50.jpg
with camera flash, all previous photos taken with lamp light
The Up and Away collection has got to be one of the best from China Glaze by far, especially for spring. I find myself picking up more and more from this collection through the years. The formula and pigmentation is just awesome. Do you have a favourite from this collection?


  1. This one is a little chalky on me - but I do agree - the Up and Away (and the Electro Pop from the next spring) were great collectons. I was surprised we have not seen any of Electro Pop make it to the classic wall.

    1. Electro Pop was awesome, and I have yet to purchase anything from it lol I am trying to limit my purchase polishes. I am sure I will pick some up in the near future ;)

  2. I love the peachy keen color, it would look great on me. BTW, would happened to the contest you were in? You were a finalist.

    1. are you referring to the Bundle Monster nail plate deign? they will be announcing the winners with the release of the plates. the suspense is killing me! they are due to be released this summer, so any moment now :) *fingers crossed*


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