Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More Splats!

I loved the splatter accent nails I did so much I decided to create some splatters on the other six fingers as well. I used the same method in my previous post with the same colours, except this time I used one colour per nail and less splattering.

 photo IMGP6612_zpsc34894cb.jpg

I really like this look, it was closer to what I wanted originally for the accent nails, not so blobby ad thick with no topcoat so you can see the matte texture of the base as the gloss finish of the splatter on top. I was tempted to use neons go this but didn't because they tend to dry matte.

 photo IMGP6613_zps36c7a1ea.jpg

 photo IMGP6615_zpsb167f0dc.jpg

I am still planing on trying this again, maybe over white next time. What do you like better, more colour/platter plus a full gloss finish or mixed finishes and a single colour splatter?


  1. I love this! This is one of the best splatter manicures I have seen! x

    1. Awww, thanks :) so glad you like it!

  2. I'm really digging this as well! Well done~ I don't usually like doing messy polish art, but might have to rethink doing this one~ and I love the matte effect of it~

    anyway so sorry to hear about the flooding! holy crap 4 is just too many :( hope that not everything was horribly damaged.


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