Friday, June 28, 2013

Super Captivated

Happy Friday!! Today is not just any Friday, in Canada it is the start to the long weekend and celebration of Canada Day! I will also be personally celebrating my birthday, also on Canada day :)

I haven't decided on a birthday mani yet, but today I have a beautiful polish I have put off wearing for too long. I lusted after Captivated when it was first released from Cult Nails and am so happy to have it apart of my collection. The base is a coral, orange/pink jelly and it is jam paced with medium and small iridescent hex glitter. The glitter flashes mostly orange and yellow but if you look real close you can definitely see some blue and green in there. It is absolutely stunning!

 photo IMGP6665_zps91aec06a.jpg

With all that glitter you would think it would leave a bumpy texture but it was pretty smooth with only one layer of top coat. Application was great, I applied three thin coats and as you can see it is perfectly opaque. I did find the formula a little on the thick side so I added some thinner which helped with even application.

 photo IMGP6658_zpsdf880ea8.jpg

 photo IMGP6650_zps44003651.jpg

 photo IMGP6649_zpsdddfae4b.jpg

I applied this polish the same day I spent preparing a large dinner for a barbecue, my hands were immersed in water and working away all evening, no chips! Five days later I have only minor tip wear, see for yourself in the photo below.

 photo IMGP6674_zps6cd78c39.jpg

 I absolutely love this polish! I have received many compliments on it so far.


  1. Happy birthday, Canada celebrates with you :)

  2. Captivated is beautiful~ Happy Birthday!

  3. Awww...this is so pretty. I super like the color for I find it so elegant and classy. Wearing this kind of nail color will also make you look sexy. Love it!

  4. Very nice collections :)
    I would like to invite you to join my giveaway and win a pair of glasses from Visit me soon! :)))

  5. Wahhhoou c'est magnifique!J'adore!!

    Jade du blogmodedejadounette


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