Thursday, August 1, 2013

Nabi Haul

I picked up some Nabi polishes the other day while out doing some shopping. For what I have seen Nabi has really expanded on their line of polishes. Some interesting finds included spotted polish, 3D rainbow effect (holographic) and interesting glitters. At two for $5, I couldn't leave them! Here are my picks,

Navy Blue and Teal from the 3D Rainbow Effect line.Super exciting names!

 photo IMGP6760_zpsda5b92d7.jpg

These bottles look awfully familiar... *Layla*...

As you can see they are not linear, but I still think they are fabulous! A nice scattered holo is always good. When compared to others in my stash, I found these had more of a linear holo than the old Color Club holos (ie. Wild at Heart) and OPI DS Fantasy. My swatches show one coat! Very easy to apply and smooth formula.

 photo IMGP6766_zpsc7e54120.jpg

And the glitters, Black Flake and Sky Blue Flake, again awesome names...

 photo IMGP6751_zps45dd476c.jpg

Black Flake is a black and white matte glitter of different shapes and sizes, amazing right! Sky Blue Flake is the same, but instead of black hex glitter it has blue shiny hex glitter. So glad I found these! On the nail wheel they were easy to apply, I blobbed one coat on using the brush to arrange the glitter on the nail a bit.

 photo IMGP6755_zps418eb336.jpg

 photo IMGP6756_zps08216c2d.jpg

 photo IMGP6764_zps35408f9a.jpg

Awesome finds right! There were many different shades of the holos, but the only two glitters I found are the ones I bought. I wish there were more!

 photo IMGP6782_zps87ec1827.jpg

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