Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bundle Monster 2013 Nail Plate Collection - Exciting News!!

Woohoo! Can't wait for the new collection, here is the email I received from Bundle Monster this afternoon:

CONGRATULATIONS! You have much to be excited about because we are happy to announce to you first that you’re a winner in our Create Your Own Contest! At least one of your design submissions has been qualified and will be featured on our 2013 nail stamping plate set that is fan created. 

 We know this has been long awaited and we are happy you stuck it out with us. We are overjoyed with this set because our fans showed us their creativity and hard work and we’re glad that we could produce a set like this that has never been done before. 

We are bragging about you and the other winners here: www.bundlemonster.com/cyowinners. Don’t be shy, spread the word and post it everywhere! 

Congratulations to all the winners! The release date is set for mid to late September, I will keep you posted as more information is released.

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