Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Skittles!

Happy Friday!! And happy long weekend to my fellow Candaians, this week is our Thanksgiving :) I cannot wait to fill up on turkey this weekend!

Moving on to my mani, I loved Lightmare so much that I didn't want to remove it entirely just because a few nails were chipping. What I decided on doing was keeping it on the nails that were not chippy and doing some Halloween skittle nails as a mani refresh.

With lightmare on my ring and pinky fingers I applied the following to my nails:

 photo IMGP7218_zps025ee4c9.jpg

Fright Night Claw Polish, Sinister - Middle finger. This is THE perfect black creme polish, plus it comes in a cute coffin bottle :)

 photo IMGP7222_zps1b54c661.jpg

China Glaze, Papaya Punch - Pointer finger. A bright yellow based orange creme.

Ulta Salon Formula, Concrete Evidence - Thumb. A medium grey creme.

On op of each nail I added either some stamping or glitter:

 photo IMGP7229_zps8d06f9ab.jpg

Pinky - Bundle Monster plate BM-201with white polish over Lightmare.

Middle - Bundle Monster plate BM-201with white polish over Sinister.

Pointer - Unnamed pumpkin polish from Rite Aid (label reads "Chunky Nail", however I have another polish purchased this year with the same label).

Thumb - Nabi, Black Flake over Concrete Evidence

I am loving skittle nails, perfect for when you cant decide on one particular colour, design, glitter, etc!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Eat a lot of turkey and dressing for me and enjoy the holiday.

    1. Thanks :) I definitely had a lot of turkey and pumpkin pie!


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