Monday, December 23, 2013

This is Tree-Mendous!!

Wow, down to a few days left until Christmas, today is Christmas Eve, Eve! The weather here the last few days has been crazy, power outages, frozen rainstorms and icy roads. I really hope everything gets back to normal soon and in time for Christmas.

Today I have a great Christmas/holiday themed polish from China Glaze, Tree-Mendous, loving the cheasy name! This is a total Christmas tree glitter bomb, It is made up of medium and light green glitter with a sparkle or yellow/gold in a clear base. I wish the other glitters in this collection with the same formula had a slight tint of base colour to give it that little bit of depth. That being said it built up nicely to opacity with three thin coats.

 photo IMGP7909_zps44a3feba.jpg

 photo IMGP7911_zps9ae4897c.jpg

 photo IMGP7913_zpsdc0c59bd.jpg

 photo IMGP7912_zps150be2b6.jpg

It is super duper sparkly and glittery, but it has a naturally dull/matte finish without a topcoat. You may have to apply a second layer of topcoat for super glossy nails, I used one and was happy with the look.

 photo IMGP7914_zpsca536279.jpg

 photo IMGP7919_zps4d5aef18.jpg

My only complaint with these types of glitters are staying power, they always chip on me too early. Tree-Mendous was no exception unfortunately :( Me being me and not wanting to remove it after only one day, I just full in the missing pieces with some more glitter :) so far it has helped, it blends in well with the polish already on the nail, but it is still chippy.


  1. just wanted to say happy new year :) Hope that the holidays were a nice a relaxing one, and your family wasn't too burdened by the power outages!

    1. Aww, how sweet! I am so behind on blogging, just pulling myself to get my posts together now and saw your kind comment! Happy new year to you as well, I had some great time off and hope that you did too! My family and I were not too impacted by the power outages, we were apart of the lucky few.


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