Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nude Nails

I have a lovely Zoya nude to share with you today, Lulu. I actually forgot I had purchased this one! It somehow appeared on my desk the other day and I realized I had never worn it before, so here we are. I would describe this as a Patrick the starfish (Spongebob) peach. I think this is why I originally purchased it, I heard it was a close dupe for Starfish Patrick by Rescue Beauty Lounge. From the swatches I have seen online, Starfish Patrick  appears to be more opaque and brighter in case you were wondering.

 photo IMGP7882_zpsa53b2e84.jpg

 photo IMGP7884_zps461f3489.jpg

 photo IMGP7886_zpscf0bf501.jpg

I applied two coats to my nail, as you can see this polish is sheer. I would probably require one last thick coat for an opaque look, but I liked it at two coats. It cleaned up the look of my nail beds. Wanna know what else? I didn't add a top coat, didn't need to! It dried pretty quick and to a glossy shine, very impressive.

 photo IMGP7894_zps4ceef77c.jpg

 photo IMGP7888_zps30a89b2e.jpg

Now to find something to layer over it :)

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