Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If you like it then you should a Put a Bow On It....

lol, I just could not resist with the title of this post. Today I have a glitter bomb of a polish from China Glaze's Happy Holiglaze collection. Put a Bow On It is a densely packed bright magenta glitter. Depending on the lighting it can appear more pink or purple. In the bottle it appeared to be more pink to me and I wasn't sure I needed it in my collection. After seeing additional swatches throughout December and passing on it the first time, I happened to find it at Sally's and decided to try it out.

 photo IMGP7973_zps1542b86e.jpg

 photo IMGP7971_zpscb7c18e9.jpg

Of course I ended up loving it! Although made up of mainly magenta glitters, I think I see a tiny mix of purple. It could be my eyes or the lighting, but whatever it is I like it! Application was pretty easy, I only needed two coats for full coverage. I topped it of with a thick coat of Seche Vite and was happy with the final texture once dried. Since it is a full glitter polish a little texture is to be expected, but it didn't bother me.

 photo IMGP7968_zps4c308cdd.jpg

 photo IMGP7965_zps32be504f.jpg

In terms of wear these glitters just do not seem to wear well at all on me. I usually start to see chips within the first or second day after application which sucks! I think it may be the base coat I am using, I have got to try some other brands and see if wear is better.

 photo IMGP7970_zpsce65cfb2.jpg

The only good thing about the wear is removal was quick and easy, it basically peeled off in sheets with no damage to the nail lol. Not ideal, but a lot less time consuming than removing by hand.

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