Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post-Holiday Purchases

Since the holidays have ended I have made some last minute, "get 'em while you can" holiday polish purchases. Since it is getting frigid again outside I am literally blogging from my laptop to yours today, photos and all! Let's start off with Essie!

 photo IMGP7996_zps014dd884.jpg

The first swatches I saw for Essie's Encrusted Treasures collection did not win me over, especially the namesake of the collection. I was not even the slightest bit interested. I already posted a mani with Essie's Silver Plater, so you must know I caved lol. Along with On a Silver Platter I picked up Hors D'orves, and Lots of Lux.

 photo IMGP8045_zps1b1257a1.jpg

Hors D'orves has the same gold shimmer as the previous polish and jam packed with silver hex glitter. Super shiny and blingy. Dries to a glossy shine.

On a Silver Plater is a sheer but buildable gold shimmer combined with various sizes of a deep blue holo hex glitter. I really love the glitter in this polish!  Dries to a glossy shine.

 photo IMGP8146_zps0eb9e1f4.jpg

Lots of Lux was a super last minute purchase and I almost didn't pick this one up.

 photo IMGP8052_zpscdb371f9.jpg

 It was a swatch I saw online that helped me decide I needed it! It appeared to have a duochrome effect. On the nail not so much, but it still is a pretty textured blue. Dries matte, gritty to the touch.

 photo IMGP8119_zps972ca8c5.jpg

Moving on to some Lux Effect polishes from Essie, Stoke of Brilliance and Jazzy Jubilant.

 photo IMGP8043_zps57c1cd33.jpg

Stoke of Brilliance is a glitter I had been lusting over but have never pikecked it up. It is a medium blue hex glitter of various sizes in a clear base. Great topper.

Another great topper is Jazzy Jubilant, it is a multicolour hex glitter. I own similar polishes but thought this would be good for layering and jelly sandwiches.

Left to right, Jazzy Jubilant and Stroke of Brilliance.

 photo IMGP8142_zps9ee3bb76.jpg

Marshall's has been growing their brand and selection of polishes. In both Canada and the U.S. I have spotted brand such as Zoya, Orly, Sephora by OPI, Color Club and OPI to name a few! I picked up a dual set of Orly polishes which both happened to be FX glitters, Mermaid Tale and Embrace. I was disappointed this collection was not around for longer, but was super excited to score this double pack for $8.99!

 photo IMGP8056_zps69ad34b4.jpg

Mermaid Tale is a densely packed green and holo glitter of various sizes in a clear base. 

Embrace is a densely packed pink glitter of various sizes in a light pink jelly base.

 photo IMGP8125_zps6da69740.jpg

I also found an interesting OPI at Marshall's, Serious Sparkle.

 photo IMGP7999_zps46dee34d.jpg

I tried looking up swatches but didn't find anything. The closest polish I could find was Save Me from the 2012 OPI Spring Nicki Minaj collection. It is a silvery foil shimmer polish packed with holo string glitter, it reminds me of fireworks! If you have any more information on this polish please let me know!

 photo IMGP8126_zps36b4723d.jpg

Another OPI I picked up on sale at CosmoProf, My Favorite Ornament, apart of their Holiday Mariah Carey collaboration.

 photo IMGP8000_zps42f92586.jpg

Is is a textured champagne gold, very neutral and sparkly. It seemed comparable to Zoya's Tomoko which I have been eying. Zoya's aren't that easy (or cheap) to come by for me, so I settled for this beauty instead.

 photo IMGP8138_zpsa90406d5.jpg

I picked up this next polish for a buck! Platinum Gala is a silver hex glitter of multiple sizes suspended in a clear base. I picked this up at Stitches and it smells horrible lol.

 photo IMGP8058_zpsac0b810a.jpg

Lastly I have some Christmas gifts that are polish related, a colour changing polish I almost did not notice in my stocking is the first! Claire's "sun changing" nail polish (no name) is a blue glitter polish made up of various sizes of blue hex glitter in a sheer blue base. When in the sun it changes from blue to green! I don't think I have seen these before, interesting bottle shape, that's for sure. You only get 7ml of polish in this bottle (half a standard bottle when compared to China Glaze at 14ml).

 photo IMGP8063_zps45b058c1.jpg

 photo IMGP81381_zps4beea9bb.jpg

And finally, some specialty selected Bundle Monster plates from the holiday collection my brother ordered for me. I love that they give you the option to purchase single plates now, I have a large collection of plates, some that don't even have the protective sticker removed! I picked up BM-H06, BM-H07, BM-H08, BM-H11, BM-H25

 photo IMGP8132_zps490b858c.jpg

I have kind of been all over the place with my posts lately, I feel like I am still trying to get back in to the natural order of things since the holidays! I hope to post more regularly by the end of the week.

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