Thursday, January 23, 2014

Target Polish Clearance!

You MUST check out Target if you are a polish fanatic like me! Unfortunately I don't live close to a Target, and I was actually visiting last week for a return from December. I decided to have a quick look around the store and noticed clearance bins with discounted cosmetics, most being polish!

 photo IMGP8099_zps7abeeeb7.jpg

The brands I spied included various Sally Hansen collections, Nicole by OPI, Sinful Colors, and Kiss. I saw a sales lady passing by and asked if there were any additional items on clearance, she said that what I was looking through was the overstock! All the other sale items have been marked in their original display sections! What I ended up finding was almost every brand of polish was reduced to some degree, from $3.00 to 69 cents! .

 photo image5_zpsfe6314b1.jpeg

 photo image4_zpsd42ea2e4.jpeg

 photo image3_zpsa473feaa.jpeg

 photo image2_zps8fedb639.jpeg

 photo image1_zps16c6668d.jpeg

 photo image_zps5eb20f88.jpeg

Have a look at what I picked up! From Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri line, Lickety-Split Lime ad Instant Iris. I pick these up for stamping for a steal of $1.15 each.

 photo IMGP8105_zps6b3f8b80.jpg

I could not resist at least one Sinful Color at 69 cents! I chose Cloud 9, a bright yellow based orange with golden shimmer.

 photo IMGP8106_zps0322a58d.jpg

Swatches of the three polishes above below, one coat each of the Insta-Dri's and two coats of Cloud 9.

 photo IMGP8117_zpse33c2873.jpg

Next I picked up some glitter bombs from Sally Hansen's Gem Crush line, Glitz Gal, Lady Luck and Razzle Dazzle. These were under $2 each. 

 photo IMGP8108_zps3b2fa050.jpg

My swatches below are two coats each.

 photo IMGP8115_zpse7250a9a.jpg

I pick and chose wisely this time, I didn't want to go too crazy! I wish there were more Insta-Dris on clearance, I love them as a base for nail art and stamping.

So as  you can see I am still blogging directly from my desk today, photos and all! Here is a look (from inside) to part of my back yard where I usually take my photos. Don't let the sun fool you, it is VERY cold out this week! What is your preference for photos, indoors or outdoors?

 photo IMGP8129_zps7c121206.jpg

Have you been to target lately? What polish was reduced at your store? If you are in the States I'd love to hear about selection and pricing, I will be heading there on Sunday :) First crossboarder shopping trip of the year!


  1. ...
    i may have drooled looking at this post!
    lol I will have to try to stop by, but the Target I went to in town recently didn't have the sale on the same price level as yours...but maybe they might have now...

    In any case, I don't have the Gems collection, but have wanted them...

    Anyway, regarding the flakies for fingerpaints, I wasn't sure what you exactly meant by it. They aren't super thick, though thicker than my hidden treasure by just a little bit. And the flake sizes are a tad larger at times, but generally you don't notice too much different about them. the main thing was that it just wasnt opaque enough. Now if they had the same look like their last collection, I would be buying backups! Anyway Fingerpaints are BOGO at Sally's next month, maybe some will still be in stock then.

    annnnd have a great time across the border! Hope you find a lot of awesome sales xD

    1. lol glad you enjoyed it! I found these particular deals at the Cloverdale mall location. My first time at this mall, but like I said I had a return from a purchase I made at Square One and wanted to return closer to home. Check it out, I found these polishes there last Tuesday or Wednesday, they should still have some. Which location did you check? I wish there was a location even close to home!

      Also what I meant about the "chunkiness" of the flakies was that they appear to have of a texture to them like the irregularly shaped glitter does. It may just be how it appears but I was curious. I will definitely be checking them out in person if my usually Sally's in Buffalo still has them out!

    2. Also, let me know if there are any polishes you are looking for, I would gladly pick them up for you if I see them on sale/clearance if you'd like :) You seem to live pretty close to me!


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