Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Heart Light

One last modification to my previous layering of manis! It started with Sally Hanson Salon Nail Lacquer in Hearts on Fire, a saturated red Jelly on Valentines. I then sandwiched Sinful Colors Unwrap Me, a black and red/magenta glitter, in between Hearts on Fire on Saturday. Finally on Sunday, I added a simple Bundles monster stamp to my ring fingers from plate BM-411.

 photo IMGP8419_zpsf0a79a1a.jpg

I stamped with Konad special polish in white. I love this design, I almost overlooked it at first glace. does that ever happen to you? You don;t even realize awesome designs that are included on your plates.... probably because you own too many like me...! If you created this design for the Bundle Monster contest last year, please let me know!

 photo IMGP8418_zps5343913d.jpg

As you can see I applied the heart monitor design to line up with the smile line on my nail and I am happy with the simple yet elegant look.  you can really see the pop of magenta in the gliter, I love how it peeks through. A whole lot of red for me this past weekend, but I promise I will have a polish from the other end of the colour spectrum tomorrow!


  1. the heart stamp on this is so cute :D

    1. I know! I didn't even realize it on the plate at first.


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