Friday, February 7, 2014

Push and Shove - Stamping

Happy Friday!!

After swatching and playing around with OPI Push and Shove, I decided to try some stamping. This polish is starting to become notorious with application issues, will it even work with stamping or will it have the same issues as it does with basic application?

 photo IMGP8280_zpsaf1b5847.jpg

 photo IMGP8281_zps403f7259.jpg

 photo IMGP8283_zps178eeb29.jpg

 photo IMGP8288_zps4c18def6.jpg

 photo IMGP8290_zpsb583b8bf.jpg

Nope, stamps fantastically! I used Bundle Monster Plate BM-422, a honeycomb pattern, and stamped over my previous mani of Zoya Storm. The result was a perfect chrome finished intricate design, just look at that shine! I would recommend moving quick if using Push and Shove to stamp with, it does dry fairly quick. I didn't add a top coat because I didn't want to dull the effect. Pretty cool huh!? Like a space age honey comb!


  1. Holy crap that's AWESOME! Like, AWESOME!!!! I dig it.

  2. Such a great combo :D

    1. Thanks :) Now, if only I can find a good topcoat that does not dull the awesome chrome effect!


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