Friday, March 14, 2014

Totally Gaga!

Happy Friday! I have another lovely green today in the spirit of everything St. Patrick's day, which is this Monday. I chose to wear a bright spring shade by China Glaze, Gaga for Green. This was apart of China Glaze's 2012 spring collection, Electro Pop. I originally passed on most of the colours but was drawn to this bright, dusty green and just had to have it.

 photo IMGP8635_zpsa8992aa7.jpg
lamp light

 photo IMGP8626_zps56ecdb21.jpg
natural daylight - most accurate to actual colour
I would describe it as the perfect Granny Smith apple shade, it is bright and dusty and perfect for St. Paddy's! I chose this over my go to green, Four Leaf Clover, another big fave of mine. Although thin, I would consider this a creme polish.

 photo IMGP8638_zps2a18d100.jpg
lamp light
 photo IMGP8633_zps45b36ae9.jpg
camera flash
The formula seemed to be fine, thin but even, building up to opacity in two coats. I went to sleep within two hours after application which is not a problem when I use Seche Vite or NYC quick dry top coat. For some reason this polish took longer than normal to dry. To me it appeared fine, but the next morning I had sheet marks. I have not gotten these in forever! Not only that, I also had some bubbling. The bubbling is even weirder since the formula was thin and I applied medium coats. 

I took these photos the next day, luckily you can't see the imperfections. To remedy this, I used this method, and voila, all fixed up! 


  1. Hi I'm a big fan of your blog and I'm trying to grow my nails do you have any tips? maybe you could make a post about it? I noticed your nails look so healthy and your cuticles are perfect. I'm just wondering what your usual routine is, moisturizing, cutting your cuticles?

    Thanks and I love your blog.


    1. Thanks, you are very kind! Although my cuticles and nails look healthy right now they are probably in the worst condition! Usually around this time of the year my skin and nails have had enough of the cold, drying temperature. This is why I have cut them down, I have had a lot of peeling and breaking recently.

      The best tips I can give you are to moisturise (lotion after watching your hands and before going to bed).

      My go to cuticle moisturiser at the moment is Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax hand cream, I apply it to my cuticles at night when they are extra dry and wake up with brand new cuticles! Another favourite of mine is the Burt's Bees lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, I would be using that but I have misplaced it at the moment!

      I will definitely have to give this some more thought and will try to get a post together on this topic in the near future. Thanks for the request!

  2. This is a great green! Thanks for the tips about getting rid of imperfections in the finish! I never even hear of that before! :)

    1. Thanks :) I love finding tips like that on the web and I found something that worked for me that I wanted to share with all of you!


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