Friday, July 25, 2014

Small Rant + Grass is Lime Greener

Happy Friday!
I am not one to go pay to get a manicure done. Although not trained professionally I feel that I know enough to give myself a pretty good looking mani, minus the hand massage and all that fancy stuff! Prior to my recent experience, which I will be sharing shortly, my first ever manicure experience wasn't the greatest. It wasn't horrible, but I figured I'd rather do it myself than pay someone when I can do it to my personal preference.

Start Rant...

My latest experience was at a beauty school. Now I have had many experiences with beauty schools, and I get it, they are still learning and practicing their skills, but shouldn't they really be practicing what they are specializing in for a profession? I have had many pedicures from collages with amazing results, but this manicure was by far the worst, and I think it has turned me off from getting another one in the future.

Knowing I was going to a school (of learning students) I prepared my nails to my liking before the appointment, this including trimming and filing my nails to the length and shape I am most comfortable with. I made it clear from the start, please do not cut, shape or file my nails, I am happy with how they are. Se said okay and proceeded. After removal if polish and soaking she decided a few nails needed to be evened out, I said fine, in my head reminding myself that this is her job and she knows what she is doing.

Wrong! Not only did she reshape my nails, but she also used the harshest grit for a "light" file! I was dying in the inside, but she would fix it, right? It was at this point she mentioned that she came to this school to specialize more in, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, etc. and tht she doesn't like doing nails. Now I start to panic... She starts to apply the polish and I am dying I the inside! To shorted the story a bit, let's just sayit was bad, a bad, streaky messy situation. I had to show the nail tek how to apply the polish... In not even joking. She kept pushing the brush firmly on the nail and sliding it slowly up the nail. This was with a China Glaze neon polish. Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me nervous! After the second or third streaky, uneven and ununiform (some nails had polish starting a cm above the cuticle) coats, I asked her to stop. Not only did I not get the full treatment (adiquate cuticle softening, removal and massage) but I just wasted a time and money for something I could have done in about 10 mins!

A thoroughly frustrating experience overall. On my way out I switched all of my previously scheduled manicures for anther service (I have a package wth them and have enjoyed other services jncluding massages and pedicures). I was filing my nails while waiting (the rough grit did not leave my nails smooth at all) and the receptionist asked why, and I said that it was done incorrectly. I was then given an excuse that the polish I chose was difficult to work with, that why it didn't turn out right... Right.

As soon as I got home I wet to work on clean up and evening out the polish on the nail. I then applied one more coat if polish to even out the streaks (and texture) caused earlier and finished with a top coat and slight clean up. Ta-da! Good as new. I fixed the shape of my nails as best I could, and am happy with the final look. I wish I had a before photo to share with you but I couldn't stand to look at my nails from the moment she started to apply the polish!

Ahhh, that feels so much better, END RANT, now more about China Glaze The Grass is Lime Greener.

This is a lovely pastel neon green shade. The formula is a tad difficult to work with, however, what I told the nail tek, and what I will tell you is that as long as you work with a light and quick hand and an adiquate amount of polish on the nail, it will even out. I would estimate two coats max. My photos show three coats.

It does dry to a satin/matte finish so a topcoat is needed. I have been wearing this mani for about three days now and surprisingly it hasn't chipped all over the place. Although beautiful, I find the China Glaze spring collection to be particularly fussy, either with application or wear or both!

I love this shade, it was originally my top colour to purchase from this while collection, just perfect for summer. It literally just glows on the nail when outdoors. So glad I was able to salvage it :)


  1. Yikes, that's horrible :( You probably would do others a favour if you let the teacher/ supervisor know what a bad job that lady did

    1. One of the others in charge was attempting to coach her but she just couldn't get it. Like I said, s he was a very nice person and I feel bad complaining since they are still learning. I learned my lesson for sure though and will not be having another manicure there for sure!

  2. Oh my that's not too! I agree with Halifax, worth mentioning to the supervisor for sure. I remember having a similar experience with a hair cut and dye at a college. I asked for things to be done and picked a dye. Let me tell you, it was nothing like what I had expected. I never went back. :-(

    This nail polish is very bold and bright! I love it :-)

    1. Oh no! You situation sound a lot worse than mine! It always dependes on who you get at the spa schools, sometimes you are lucky, others not so much.


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