Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are You Jelly?

I think this may be my last "summer" mani of the year *tear*. It figures, September rolls around and they weather turns summer-like!

Tody I have a neon jelly from China Glaze's Sunsational collection from 2013, Are You Jelly? In my opinion is not a true jelly or neon. The formula is jelly-like, thin ad sheer, while the finish is a satin/matte once dried, like a neon. The colour is not all the bright or squishy. It is a pretty shade of medium purple, had it dried to a jelly gloss finish I would love it a little more. Three coats are show in my photos without top coat.

Each coat was streaky, but the third evened everything out. I plan on going some layering with this soon as the base, we'll see what I come up with in my next post!


  1. This is really pretty and bright. Sounds like a pest to apply but it has a good finish. :-)

    My friend comes home from Canada tomorrow - so I'll hear all about it soon :D fingers crossed he's got me polish ;-) ;-)

    1. Nice!! Let me now what polish gifts they brought back for you ;)


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