Friday, January 16, 2015

December Favorites

Favourite Balm: EOS
I literally cleaned out the whole balm in the month of December! Of course I didn't use up the whole thing in one month, this balm lasts surprisingly long. Not only does it smell good, moisturize my lips and come in a cool container, but it is also certified organic, which is awesome! It is not 100% vegan as it does use beeswax, but as a vegan I do use bee products such as wax and honey from time to time.

Favourite Colour: Blue
Throughout the month of December it seemed apparent that I was feeling the cold and showed it on my nails week after week with blue shades of polish. Some colours I wore throughout the month included Essie - Blue Rhapsody, Essie - Stroke of Brilliance, Finger Paints - In the Monet, and Essie Lots of Lux. Lots of Essie's in there as well! Out of all the blues I wore, I would have to say that my favorite was....

Lots of Lux, I just did not want to take it off! It is still on display on my night table because I kept touching up chips to make it last longer! Such a lovely textured shade for more information you can see the full post here.

Favourite Christmas Gift: Essie Polish Duo Gift Set
Another Essie Favorite this month was a cute polish duo set I got as a gift this Christmas. It included A-list, a bright red and Sparkle On Top, an iridescent glitter topper as well as a mini glass file. This favorite polish related gift because I was craving a red polish on Christmas eve, and this is just so perfect! I usually don't wear to many reds, but I can't wait to try this one out with and without the iridescent topper. I also can never have enough files to store in my purse or bag ;)


  1. Gorgeous Essies :-) I don't own any Essies which is odd! :-)

    1. Thanks! Are they hard to come by for you or just not your style?


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