Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March Haulin'

I have been pretty good lately and limiting my polish purchases. I did order a set of the China Glaze spring polishes, but that hasn't arrived yet...

Other than that collection (I just purchased the Road Trip Ready set), I have picked up some randoms during the month of March. I will start with a few I picked up while shopping across the boarder.

Revlon, Confident - a red jelly polish with red glitter in various shapes and sizes.

Funky Fingers, Sea Glass - A glitter topper with pastel blue, pink, white green and purple glitter in various shapes and sizes.

Next was an impulsive "sale" purchase... although most usually are...

I don't regret this one though, that's always good!
Nicole By OPI, On What Grounds - A bright pastel blue textured polish with darker blue and brown textured flecks.

It is really interesting. The texture is like stucco, which I hate in real life, but love in this polish. It is very similar to the texture used in China Glaze, Bump in the Night. What I love about Nicole by OPI's take on it us the addition of coloured "flecks" or pieces of whatever they have put in it to give it some extra depth. Very unique in my collection. It's as if a turquoise stone was ground in to tiny pieces.


  1. OMG that FF glitter looks amazing :-D

    1. Thanks! You'll like my post tomorrow then, jelly sandwich ;)


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