Friday, June 12, 2015

Stassi's Muse

Happy Friday! Today I have a fun mani refresh of Zoya Stassi with another Zoya from the same collection, Muse. I purchased Muse last summer and I don't know why I didn't pull it out sooner! It has the same iridescent glitter and gold shimmer as Stassi with with a deep, blue base which really helps to reflect all that beautiful glitter!

I was inspired by the photo below from which I found through Pinterest. To see my other nail related pins, click here.

Originally I was thinking of sponging on the gradient as I had done in the past but realized quickly with a sheer base and thirsty sponge I was getting little to none of the base on the nail. I kind of figured this would happen but wanted to try first. 

In my next attempt I applied a thin layer of Muse about the half point of my nail and upwards toward the tip, trying to blend as much with Stassi as possible. I continued this with three more layers starting closer to the top of the nail with each layer.

In the end I wish it came out slightly more feathered or graduated but I am super happy with this look! Very bright and dramatic for a gradient!

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