Monday, June 15, 2015

Sun's Up, Top Down

I picked up a few other polishes from China Glaze's Road Trip collection recently and Sun's Up, Top Down is one of them.  It was actually an unexpected pick for me because this wasn't one I originally wanted, but had to have it when I saw it in person. The other two polishes I added to my collection are My Way or The Highway (Saving this for my road test in early July!) and More to Explore.

I must say the formula for Sun's Up, Top Down is awesome for a yellow polish! The consistency is great, not too thick not too thin, but more on the thin side if I had to choose. It was also easy to apply and manipulate on the nail. I'm pretty sure I only needed two easy coats.

What makes this mustardy yellow so unique is the red/golden shimmer you can see in the photo above any below. Unfortunately, like in most of the photos in this post it is not always easily seen, mostly in bright, direct lighting. Because of this I did not find it as flattering as I had hoped it to be with my skintone. Maybe if the sun came back (June has basically been rainy and overcast) I could get a tan and make this shade work!

Overall it wore and applied great, I'm pretty sure I wore it just under a week and it was something bright and cheery to lift my spirits in the wet, overcast days of late spring.

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