Friday, July 3, 2015

Incoco Pride Nails - Update: Removal

Happy Friday!

A short post before the weekend to follow up on my Incoco real nail polish strips. I applied these on on Monday June 22nd in the evening and the photos below show what they look like on the evening of Monday June 29th before removal.

These wore fantastically! I was really truly impressed with the wear, especially considering that these are white and are likely to show every little imperfection. I started to get more wear on the strips over the weekend, but overall I have no complaints. Not only did they apply and wore well but they look look great!

Here again is a before picture, fresh after application:

And here are a few after shots, a full eight days later:

If I really wanted to I could have gotten away with another full week of wear, but I wanted a change for my birthday nails.

Removal was pretty straightforward. I assumed since they really push the whole "real polish strips" thing that it would remove the same as a regular polish. I'd say yes and no to this. Although the polish was easy to remove with my standard non acetone remover, once I the colour was removed from my nails there was this sticky, gluey layer that was slightly more difficult to remove. I ultimately just shoved each finger in to my Sephora Instant Nail Polish Remover for Glitter bottle and removal was a breeze. Maybe I needed acetone to more easily remove the sticky layer, but it was just unexpected.

On a side note before the weekend if you haven't already heard, Zoya has an awesome promo this week for Independence Day in the States, buy three polishes, get three free. This also includes FREE shipping! Just use code 3FREE at checkout.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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