Friday, September 23, 2016

Pearl Jammin'

Happy Friday!
This polish, apart of China Glaze's Grunge collection for fall, is such a throwback! There is something unique about Pearl Jammin' that takes me back to those old school Revlon Street Wear polishes. I feel like I had one back in the 90's that was a similar shade of blue. What makes Pearl Jammin' relevant now is the contrasting copper microshimmer.

Pearl Jammin' has a soft, baby blue base with a bright copper/pink, pearlized shimmer running throughout. I have found that similar polishes China Glaze has put out like this are too subtle on the shimmer, where as this one is right-in-your-face! That being said the overall look is very subtle and chic for fall. I found it to be the perfect transition shade to the cooler months ahead. I love fall and the gorgeous polishes associated with it, but I am just not ready to give up my brights just yet! Especially since the weather around here still feel like summer.

The formula was great. I could have built up this shade to full opacity in two thick coats, but I opted for three thinner ones to avoid any strong brushstrokes from the pearl shimmer finish. The pearl finish may not be for everyone, but it really makes this polish. I find it alters the shade depending on your light source.
I am usually not a fan of frost or pearl finishes but I am really digging this one.

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