Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Throw Back Tuesday - Sally Hansen Nail Prisms (Pic heavy)

 Is throwback Tuesday even a thing? Whatever, doing it anyways!

I'm starting to feel the fall vibes, despite the weather feeling more like late spring than early fall! But hey, I'm not complaining! I had a strong craving for a summer-y duochrome and ended up in my Sally Hansen drawer. I pulled out a few Nail Prisms I have yet to try and decided on Ruby Saphire.


This violet chameleon is a part of the long ago, and sought after, Nail Prisms collection composed of bad ass holos and vivid shifting duochromes. That being said, this polish is defiantly made of not so good chemicals, it's pretty evident from the first whiff of the open bottle! Although this polish is still usable, the formula in this one I particular is super thin and on the sheer side. It also takes FOREVER to dry!

How did I deal with it and make it look beautiful on my nails without putting a lot of time and effort into my nails? Simple, a black base coat. One coat of Ruby Saphire overtop the base of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in Black Out and a quick dry topcoat makes everything better.

What colours flash in this polish? Indigo, purple, pink, red and orange!

The black base makes this shade look super vampy, but I am digging it! I'm usually way nervous pulling out my prisms because I know they can be finicky. But just look at that finish!

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