Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Nails - Party Hearty Refresh

Hello Ladies,

Wow, only a couple of days left until Christmas! My family usually celebrates on both Christmas eve and Christmas day, plus I'm Italian so there's usually LARGE amounts of food involved! lol, but I love it, what's better than spending time with your family and eating amazing food for 2 days straight!?

Anyways, on to the mani. Below I have Party Hearty, it kicks ass, best Christmas glitter ever! I decided to use this (finally) for a quick and easy mani refresh on my red and green french I shared with you the other day.

To update my last mani I used a striper brush and a Sally Hanson chrome polish to carefully draw an outline along the smile line of the polish.

Next I added Party Hearty to my ring finger for some extra shine!

Pretty simple huh? I like really liked the French mani on its own but this was fun too :) I only wore it for a day or so before I moved on to something else.

What do you ladies think? What is your favorite way to use Party Hearty?


  1. lovely mani!
    We celebrate on both days, as well. lots of food, too:))

  2. my leetle nails - thanks! Merry christmas :)

  3. Very Pretty! I love that it's so simple... not too busy - Very Festive! :) We celebrate the day before, day of and day after Christmas :) I just love this time of year!!

  4. Your nails look so clean! I like your mani :)

  5. Aaah! I love it!!! Glitter like that can be so overwhelming when it's on every finger, but I love how you've done it here. Christmas is a 3-day celebration for my family! I feel your pain. I mean, joy. LOL

  6. Morgan - thanks! wow 3 days, thats awesome, I love it too :)

    sonidlo - thanks :)

    Megan - thanks! I know what you mean, I have another mani with Perty Hearty that I will post tomorrow, still don't know 100% what I'm gonna wear for Christmas yet but I kinda wanted to use it... I'll have to see what else I can come up with lol

  7. I love how you've used it as an accent!

  8. oh wow! I'm in love with the cute pop it gives to your nails!

  9. KarenD - thanks :)

    Cupcake -, thanks, me too. I'm trying to figure out more creative ways to use it.

    Kathleen - thanks :)


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