Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Starry Night - Pic Heavy!

Hello ladies,

Today I have one of the polishes I talked about the other day, an old school Wet n' Wild, Cosmopolitan. From the photos I have seen online, I consider this polish very close to Essie's Starry, Starry, Night. In order to showcase this colour the best I can, I have taken many pictures in different lighting... lots of picture ahead!

The first two below are taken with my camera flash right after I applied the polish. As you can see, this polish is a deep blue jelly with tiny silver sparkles.

I applied 3 coats total, but you could definitely get away with 2. The first coat was kind of streaky but the second coat evened everything out.

The next two photos were taken with the camera flash also, but with a different camera, this was also a few days in to wearing it.

Below are the most accurate photos I could get, and really capture the jelly in the polish.

lol, I took this picture in the car on the way to the U.S, notice my boyfriend driving in the background :) These were all taken with natural light.

I recommend enlarging these pictures to see how much depth this polish has, it literally looks like a sky full of stars. Although the glitter is silver, some appear slightly blue because of the jelly formula. Super pretty, glossy and awesome to look at :)

Still on the way to the U.S, got my passport in hand. Direct sunlight.

And the final picture, the best one for sure :) I'm sure you have noticed my nails are A LOT shorter than they were in my last post. I broke a nail really, really bad so I decided to chop them all down. Although it was a shock at first, I am starting to like the length and they will eventually grow back :)

So, how do you think this compares to Essie's Starry, Starry Night? Haul pictures from the States to come soon :)

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