Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Wow, I haven't done a haul post in quite some time now, I haven't really gone out and bought a bunch of polish all at once so I decided to combine my polish purchases from the last couple months and show you what I've been buying.

I don't even know where to start, do in no specific order...

I ordered some China Glazes from the Beauty Joint, they must have just started carrying them because I don't remember ten being there before! They are a great price too, only $3.99! I picked up Custom Kicks and Moonlight (the middle two in the photo below), which you've seen me already post about a while back.

Also in the above photo is China Glaze, Eyes Like Sapphires and Blond Bomshell. Eyes Like Sapphires is a deep blue shimmer with silver glitter sprinkled throughout. I got this on clearance at a local beauty supply for $2.99. I found Blond Bombshell from the LE Eye Candy collection at Sally's on clearance for $1.99! I love this gold glitter :)

During a recent trip to the U.S I finally found a CVS, I was hoping to find the new Spoiled polishes, but this location didn't have them in yet, they were on sale too :( What I ended up finding was the LE Wet n' Wilds :) I picked up Diamond in the Rough which is also a dupe for China Glaze's Some Like it Haute, and Sally Hansen's Glitz Gal from the Crushed Gems collection. I consider it the black version of OPI's Teenage Dream. 

 Next I have my mood polish from Claire's which you have already seen, it was two for one and I had all the other ones lol. I wish it were more purple on the nail.

Now for some Revlons. I had been lusting after Popular and Whimsical. No need to elaborate, I'm sure you have heard enough about these ones by now. I've already worn and shared Whimsical.

I picked up some more Revlon's at a sale, they were three for $5, from left to right I picked up Decadent, Mistletoe and Royal.

I found this Color Club for a dollar at Sally's! It's called Kiss Me Mistletoe, its a green foil and it smells like evergreens! I also found this bad ass crackle polish at Winners called Great Divide. My photos do not do it justice. I almost wish it was just a regular polish it's so pretty.

Some more China Glaze's, the next few pics look a bit off. I somehow erased some of the photos I had taken so these ones we were re-shot. The lovelies below are Ahoy! and Peachy Keen. I have been wondering about Peachy Keen since it was released on whether I wanted it or not, I thought it would clash with my skintone, but oh my God! It is so perfect! I can't wait to wear this one.

And last, but not least, my new Nfu Oh's!! Actually, more like my first Nfu Oh's. I got these through and am so happy I did. The two holos don't look like much in the bottle, but swatched they are amazing! I got from left to right, 61, 65, 51 and the Aqua Base coat.

A close up of 51, does not do this polish justice AT ALL!

So that is all for now! This time last year I gave up buying polish for Lent! It was tough, and I ultimately caved at the end... But they were on sale!!


  1. Oh, didn't know Beauty Joint has ChG, good to know :) I also got a holo and the Aqua Base from NPC. Poor us Canadian who don't have many choices to shop lol

    1. Yeah I didn't know about the china Glazes either, I went over their to check out some NXY polishes and was like wtf!? they also carry some Sally Hansen.

  2. Wowowow awesome hauls!!! I really am digging this Color Club crackle, I'm going to have to pick one up!

    1. yes it's super cool! Funky Fingers which is owned by the same company as Color Club has the same crackle in their collection. For a swatch, see Erica's swatch from Chloe's Nails here:

      This swatch made me buy this polish!


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