Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nubins and a Pallet Cleanser

My middle nail on my right hand had a crack in it for a while and the other day it just snapped clean off :( I wasn't expecting it at all, it bus be the cold weather making my nails dry and brittle. Although the whole tip of my nail wad broken clean off, I decided to chop my nails down and grow them all out together. It bothers me when there is a big difference in nail length and shape.



I didn't take all of my nails down as short as the broken one, which was down to the skin, but close enough so the size difference isn't that prominent had I of kept them the rest of the nails the same length.


I decided I wanted something soft and elegant that wouldn't draw too much attention to my newly chopped nails. I chose Orly Nite Owl which is a beige/light brownish nude that has silver/gold flecks of shimmer running throughout. Depending on the lighting source it may appear grey at times as well. I have been wearing a lot of highly saturated colours and glitters lately so this was a welcome change. It cheered me up since I lost so much length. This polish makes me want to do another nude lace nail design with this base like I did last year. We'll see how I feel later in in the week.


The formula was perfect and easy to work with. Only two coats were needed for opacity, but I'm sure to could get away with one thicker coat if you really wanted to.


  1. I also moved into some neutrals and a few of the deeper fall shades since where I live finally we have hit on some cooler weather (never thought it was coming and I still am not wearing socks yet or needing more than a thin sweater at night). This is a pretty's more silver than one I am thinking of from the ChG Hunger Games that reminds me a ton of this one only with a gold running through it.


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