Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside Indy Polish - Animeniac

Today I have new installment of Inside Indy Polish. I told you a little about Animeniac last week, but here is a refresher:

The story behind Amimeniac is so awesome, a mother helping her daughter to pursue a dream of creating her own polish and helping her to sell it to us die hard lacquer heads. What a great mom, right? Animeniac polishes are inspired by anime, manga, sci-fi, comics and gaming which is sure to produce some fun and interesting polishes for sure, plus they are big three free!

Below is an interview I had with Aneissa, creater of the polishes for Animeniac, I had the theme song of Animaniacs stuck in my head the whole time composing this post by the way ;)

Favourite polish finish: I love both glitter and cream finishes.

Favourite polish colour: I love Super Heroine and Geek Chic.

Favourite polish trend: The Glitter polish trend, because it gives a variety of options. The possibilities are endless…

 photo IMGP6122_zps2b5a3f74.jpg
Giga Byte Me
Favourite base coat: Our New Static Base Coat.

Favourite top coat: Our New Mezz Top Coat.

What was the first polish you ever mixed/created? Geek Chic. I love the variety of glitter colors and sizes.

 photo IMGP6125_zpse4ea7bdc.jpg

Why did you decide to start mixing/creating polish? As a creative mind, a lover of nail polish and a lover of Anime, Manga etc. I felt the need to combine the three.

What made you finally start to mass-produce and sell your polish? Everyone would comment on how much they loved my nails whenever I did my nails and they would ask where did I “get” my polish. I realized that there was a real interest especially here in Canada, as well as in the US. Many people have found it hard to get the types of polishes they like in Canada.

 photo IMGP6123_zpse94a8f2d.jpg
Browser Babe

How long does it take you to make a batch/bottle of polish? It depends. We test and retest each formulation to make sure that they are of the highest quality.

What is your favourite hand-crafted polish? Super Heroine and Geek Chic.

Where do you get inspiration for your collections? My polishes are all inspired by Anime, Manga, Comics, Gaming, and Sci-Fi. The colors range from vivid to neutral, and give me a lot of inspiration. The color combinations are endless.

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