Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clean and Fresh

Today I have a super basic mani with a favourite polish of mine, Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. You may notice I stamp a lot with this polish, it is thick, pigmented and quick drying with is also perfect to wear on it's own! I have two bottles, I used the newer bottle on my nails after attempting to use my "stamping" bottle and having a bit of a hard time with the thickness.

 photo IMGP6810_zps379fba85.jpg

 photo IMGP6805_zpscdca4d6f.jpg

I could have gotten away with one carefully applyed coat, but decided to even everything out with a thin second. This polish is awesome, if you love white nails, This is a must! Great application, quick dry time and a great shine all on its own.

 photo IMGP6808_zps90fdbada.jpg

The only drawback some may find is the brush, it is a little thick and bristley. With the brand new bottle I applied I had very little issues with application, however, the older bottle I use for stamping was difficult because the polish is thicker. I got crazy brush strokes. I'm sure thinner could help, but this brush is definitely not my favourite. 

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