Friday, September 20, 2013


Woo, it's Friday!

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This is what happens when I have a few minutes to kill... Funky gradient nails! I used the foilly duochrome from my last mani, Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in All A Glow as a base and lightly dabbed the tips with another Polish from the same collection, Tender Teal.

 photo IMGP7045_zpsff1c6e60.jpg

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 photo IMGP7029_zps04addbb3.jpg

I used a cosmetic sponge to apply Tender Teal to the tips of my nails. for the first layer I applied only Tender Teal to the sponge and sponged lightly on the nail. For the second and third round over coverage, I added All a Glow to the sponge as well to blend the two polishes together and make for a smoother gradient from one shade to the other.

I love quick and easy ways to add new life to an old mani :)

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