Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ringin' Bling

What a glitterbomb! I'm not usually one to wear red polishes, although I do own a good amount. I still haven't work Ruby Red Pumps as a full mani yet, just as a Christmas themed funky French. Lately I have been choosing polishes to wear without much thought, just picking up a bottle and applying it lol. I do have a small lineup of polishes I waned to wear before Christmas and Ring in the Red from China Glaze's Let it Snow collection was apart of it. Lots of photos ahead, this one freaked out my camera a bit, but luckily I got some sunny ones.

I had originally decided not to buy this one because I thought it was too similar to RRP, but I ended up taking a trip to Cosmo prof with a friend and just could not leave it behind for that price. I figured I could use it for layering, you've seen me try that here, but the red jelly base makes it difficult to layer over any colour that isn't red or close to it.

After applying only 2 coats, I reached full opacity! All I can say is wow. Although similar to RRP, Id say that Ring in the Red has a warmer tone to it, when light it reflected off of it, I see almost an golden/orange sheen to it, and I like it! What also sets the 2 polishes apart is the small hex glitter scattered throughout. I also feel that Ring in the Red has WAY more glitter packed in to it, where in RRP you can see the glitter suspended in the jelly base.

Application wasn't as easy for me, but I don't wear glitter much so that may be why. I didn't get the smoothest curve at the bottom near the cuticle and that drove me nuts! I'll have to be a little more patient next time I guess.

Overall although blingy, this is totally wearable! Like I said, I hardly wear reds but this one is definitely a favourite. A cashier even complimented me on this polish just yesterday :)


  1. i feel the same way, i barely wear reds, but this is just too pretty!

  2. This was one of my finds at Sally's clearance racks. I'm so glad I picked it up-I've already worn it on my toes and love it! And like you, I'm not usually much of a red wearer.


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